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FRIDAY, APRIL 18th - 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
Distribution Site 
202 Sioux Ave – Bldg 4 Warehouse
(East side of Road)
 Simla, Colorado  

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There are two great times to plant trees: The first was 20 years ago -- the other is now!
Double El Seedling Tree Program
There are many species available in smaller quantities at our store located at the seedling tree pick up location 

click here for large trees available that are nursery  grown 
                                                        Call for information 719-541-2359 x 101 or e-mail . 
P O BOX 215
PHONE:  719-541-2359 X 101

   The Double El Conservation District (CD) offers seedling trees, at production cost, to landowners through the Trees for Conservation Program sponsored by the Colorado State Forest Service.  Double El has participated in this tree program for over 30 years.  
   To be eligible for this program you must own 1 acre of land and may not use the trees for resale or landscaping.  (Application order form enclosed).
   Place your order as soon as possible to avoid possible shortages of your desired species.  (NO ORDERS AFTER  MARCH 15, 2013)  Payment must accompany your order.  We accept credit cards. Online ordering is available.   Please complete the top portion of the tree application (order), sign and return to Double El CD, P O Box 215, Simla, CO 80835.  Bareroot stock is available in bundles of 25 per species and potted stock in tubes of 30 or 50.  Sales tax of 7.9% must be included.                
    Delivery of trees will be a week-day in mid-April at the Double El CD office.  Trees must be picked up at our office on the specified distribution date.  (Postcards will be mailed for time & date of pick-up).  Failure to pick-up tree orders when designated will result in a daily handling & care fee.  
   Free local workshops   The professionals will be sponsoring workshops in the area to assist you in proper species selection, site planning, proper planting procedures, windbreak design and tips on how to successfully grow the seedlings.  
   Survival accessories (polymer, weed barrier, rabbit guards, fertilizer, tree shades and drip irrigation) that have proven successful to increase the survival and growth of your seedling tree are available at the Double El CD office (See order form inside)
   If you need further information, assistance filling out your order, planning/designing your windbreak or an on-site visit, please contact Cheryl at (719) 541-2359 x 101. 
Website site:                             
Tree Programs orders taken from November through March 15 each year and deliveries are available for pick up at determined location from mid April for the seedling trees. All items will be picked up at the location and can not be delivered.  A mass bulk mailing of the order forms are distributed in December so watch your mail box.  Trees must be picked up at the distribution location on date stated.  Double El is not responsible for trees once they have left the building.  
We also sell a variety of Grass Seeds that are good for the Eastern Plains- ask Cheryl which kind is good for your needs.
There are two separate Program for ordering trees, The Seedling Tree Program from the Forest Service Nursery and the Large Tree Program where the trees are from a private nursery and come in 1, 2, and 5 gallon containers.  
 Trees are available in 1, 2 or 5 gallon size from a private nursery source.   Order Dealine is Feb. 28th.  No ownership requirements for the Large Tree Program.  

NEW VARIETY PACK OFFERED FOR FIRST TIME:  Regular Potted Tubes:  15 Ponderosa Pine and 15 CO Blue Spruce for $76.00 OR Small potted (trays):  25 Eastern Red Cedar and 25 CO Blue Spruce for $90.  
Call to place order: 719 541 2359 x 101

PO Box 215
504 Washington 
Simla, Colorado 80835
fax 719-541-3061
 Click link above for full pictures and description of the trees and shrubs available from the program                   
Seedling Tree Program for Landowners

Planting Trees benefit the land you own by:
 Adding natural beauty to land. 
 Decrease carbon dioxide on planet. 
 Attracting beneficial insects and wildlife. 
 Protecting property and livestock from the wind. 
 Restoring or enhancing natural beauty. 
 Reducing soil erosion and improving crop yields. 
 Providing food and cover for wildlife. 
 Increasing property values. 
 Controlling snow drifts. 

Bareroot Seedling Trees 
are sold in lots of 25 per species  
Deciduous-10"- 30" top height at full growth 
Conifer- 5"-12" top height  
trees and shrubs available on our new ONLINE STORE.

1 Caragana med. to tall shrub with many branches up to 15ft.good for hedges and screens; grows best on sandy to loamy soils to 9500 ft elevation; drought tolerance; Provides good cover and nesting for birds with yellow, pea-like flowers in spring.   

2 Cotoneaster medium shrub up to 8 ft.; grows well on most soils; to 9,000ft. elev.; white flower; good winter hardiness medium tolerance of drought and shade; short dense barrier and provides roosting cover and food from berries for numerous song and game birds.     

4 Chokecherry med. shrub grows well on most soils to 9,500'; one of best plants for wildlife because of fruit and foliage; native to most of N. America; winter hardy and drought resistant; very important for wildlife for food and cover; fruit is good for jelly.      

6 Native Plum 8' high 8' spread with edible fruit; to 8,000ft.; highly important for wildlife cover and food; native.    

7 Sumac medium, drought tolerant; grows well on most soils; to 8,000ft. elev.; good wildlife species.   

9 Nanking Cherry medium shrub with edible fruit below 8,000 elev., good wildlife species for birds, rabbit, and white tailed deer.   

12 Buffaloberry tall, drought tolerant shrub with silvery bark ad leaves, and edible red berries; to 7,500ft.; good wildlife habitat.  

18 N.M. Privet (foresteria) tall thicket former; drought tolerant; native, to 7,500'   

19 Wax Currant Medium native shrub with edible berries; to 11,000ft. elevation   

22 Hybrid Cottonwood tall tree for moist soils, to 6,500', usually cottonless, no guarantee   

24 Golden Willow medium to tall tree, needs moist soil or supplemental water, to 8,000'; good browse for big game and nesting for birds.  .   

26 Honeylocust medium to tall tree, grows well on most soils, to 7,500' 

27 Lanceleaf Cottonwood-Lance-shaped leaves turn bright yellow in the fall. Strongly pyramidal form as a young tree, does not sucker. 50' tall, 

30 Bur Oak medium to tall tree, hardy and drought resistant, tolerant of a wide range of soils, to 7,000 elev. good food value for wildlife 

32 Coyote Willow six foot tall, native shrubby willow of rivers and creeks, plant up to 9,500'    

35 Prairie Sky Poplar alternative to lombardy poplar to 8,000ft.    

  Seedling Regular Potted Trees
sold in lots of 30 per species 
all 5"-12" top heights 
Large RoundTubes pots16-23 cubic inch cells

200 Aspen tall deciduous tree for moist sites, not recommended for windbreaks; to 11,000ft elevation   

201 Austrian Pine tall tree; grows well on moist soils to 7,000ft. elev; good windbreak species 

202 Colorado Blue Spruce tall tree, usually on moist soils but will do ok with supplemental water to 9,500ft.  

203 Douglas-Fir tall tree, grows best on east and north slopes, 6,000-11,000 elev.   

207 Pinon Pine medium, drought tolerant, 7,500ft ele.; does well in arid climates; 

208 Ponderosa Pine tall tree grows well on most soils except for heavy clay, to 9,000' good windbreak species  

209 Rocky Mnt. Juniper medium, drought tolerant tree, does well on most soils, to 9,000' elev. excellent windbreak species 

212  Bristlecone Pine med to tall tree; does well on poor sites; 7,000' to11,000 elev. 

213 Narrowleaf Cottonwood tall tree; requires moist conditions; below 9,500' elev.

216 Coyote Willow six foot tall; native shrubby willow of rivers and creeks, to 9,500' elev. 

217 Black Hills Spruce

218  LP Fremont Cottonwood 

219 4-Wing Saltbush

223 Mountain Mahogany

  Seedling Small Potted Trees 
3'-6" top height.  round tube pots  164 ml to 190 ml    
300 & 600 Austrian Pine tall tree; grows well on moist soils to 7,000ft. elev; good windbreak species

302 & 601 Douglas Fir tall tree, grows best on east and north slopes, 6,000-11,000 elev.   

305 Ponderosa Pine tall tree grows well on most soils except for heavy clay, to 9,000' good windbreak species

310 & 610 Rocky Mountain Juniper medium, drought tolerant tree, does well on most soils, to 9,000' elev. excellent windbreak species

311 &611 Pinon Pine medium, drought tolerant, 7,500ft ele.

321 & 621 Bristlecone Pine medium to tall tree does well on poor soils, 7,000-11,000ft. elevation 


1.  You must own at least one acre of land.

2.  This nursery stock is NOT for use in ornamental or landscaping plantings.

3.  No plant purchased from the CSFS or their distributors may be resold as a living plant.

4.  Bare root trees are available in multiples of 25 per species only.

5.  Potted trees are available in multiples of 30 per species or 50 per species only.

6.  Payment must accompany order.  Refunds will not be given for cancelled orders after March 1st.

7.  If trees ordered are not available a refund will be issued, unless a substitution is requested.  

The Double El Conservation District offers seedling trees, at production costs, to landowners through the Trees for Conservation Program sponsored by the Colorado State Forest Service.  The Colorado State Forest Service tree program enables farmers, ranchers, and rural landowners to obtain trees at a nominal cost. The program's aim is to encourage landowners to plant new forest, establish effective windbreaks to reduce erosion, protect homes, cropland, livestock and highways, and enhance wildlife habitat.  Our trees and shrubs are grown for their conservation benefits only Ornamental qualities such as color, degree of flowering, fruit production and others are not guaranteed.  Delivery of trees will be in mid-April on a week day.  There are different delivery days for each tree form so note the dates due and pick up.  The seedlings have been grown locally and the species have been specially selected to give a higher survival rate.  All CSFS programs and services are offered on a nondiscriminatory basis, without regard to race color, national origin, religion, sex, martial status, or handicap.     

If you have any questions on the tree seedling program email Cheryl at:

More information on seedling tree planting at Forest Service Web Site at

Tree Seedling Program
Double El/ Agate Conservation District